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Suoja® is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic for the protection of biofuel clamps. Suoja® is an ecological and economical solution that is perfect for wood chipping businesses, energy companies, the wood and forestry industry, waste management centres, municipalities and cities. The product’s composition and protection method have been given a patent and utility model.

Use for:

  • Chips
  • Sawdust
  • Peat
  • Coal
  • Mixed waste
  • Pulp fibre

Pulp fibre

Livetech gets its pulp fibre from Metsä Group. The pulp fibre used in Suoja® products is a side stream of the pulp industry (e.g. pulp fibre unsuitable for paper or card production due to discolouration).

Binding agent

The binding agent used in Suoja® is manufactured in Finland. The agent is proven to be safe for the environment, people and storage water heaters. A total of 80% of the binding agent is water. The finished mix contains no more than 3% of binding agent.

Suoja® – easy and quick to spread

The liquid Suoja® product is sprayed over a clamp to form a 0.5–2.0-centimetre layer. When covering peat clamps, we recommend that a tank trailer is used due to its better suitability for peatland conditions.

The mixture takes around 20 minutes/tank to prepare. The best outcomes are reached when Suoja® is spread in warm and dry weather. The method is recommended when biofuel is stored for over 3 months.

Simple method

  1. The tank is filled with water from a lake or fire hydrant, for example.
  2. The dry pulp fibre is mixed in with the water.
  3. When the mixture thickens, the binding agent is then added.
  4. Suoja® is sprayed on top of the fuel clamp so that it forms a thin layer (0.5–2.0 cm).
  5. Suoja® becomes fixed on the surface of the clamp and, as it dries (drying time depends on the weather), it forms a waterproof layer that can withstand rain, wind and heavy snow.
  6. The protective material is not removed but it is safe to be burned together with the fuel.

The protective mixture is spayed by appointed subcontractors. Livetech can provide technical consultation concerning equipment investments and it supplies the pulp and binding agent.


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